Megan Fry - 09 Jul 2017

Before starting my lessons with Maggie, I had never driven a car before. Within a few lessons Maggie quickly learned what type of learner I was and was able to act accordingly. I found our lessons to be highly enjoyable
because she was always giving constructive advice and techniques that I needed to improve, along with a kind and nurturing personality. Maggie was able to work around me and whilst I wanted to originally book my test early, she reassured me that by giving myself enough time, I would be a safer and more confident driver. Without Maggie, I wouldn't have passed first time with only one minor due to amount of practise and attention to detail that went into the lead up to my test. I was able to step into my first car and drive away with complete ease as I had more experience and knowledge on my back. Also, after passing my test I continued to gain experience by having Pass Plus lessons with Maggie. I found these two lessons to be essential as I was taught how to drive in conditions and circumstances that you don't experience during normal lessons.
Thank you Maggie for everything, I couldn't recommended you more.

Emma Gainey - 07 Mar 2017

Maggie was a fantastic instructor who never let me give up when I wanted to. I was an extremely nervous driver - Maggie helped me calm down and got me through it. I managed to pass my test first time with Maggie's help.

Aron Chedzoy - 29 Jan 2017

As of passing my driving test on the 16th of January I would like to send my sincere thanks to my instructor Maggie at Maggie's Driving School. I am amazed at the amount I've learned in the time that I spent as learner and how safely I am now able to drive on the road. I would personally recommend this small business to any person hoping to learn to drive and would say confidently that each hour I spent with my highly experienced instructor was well worth the money I paid. Ten out of ten.

Arj Jadav - 20 Jan 2017

I would highly recommend Maggie as not only is she great in building up your confidence in driving, but also teaching you many aspects in driving safe after your test. She is professional and knowledgeable and always gave me thorough talks on what I did well and what I needed improvement on. Maggie is always flexible in lesson times and made my life easier by giving me good lesson times in relation to my busy week. I honestly recommend Maggie as an instructor to anyone learning to drive.
Thank you Maggie it's been a pleasure driving with you.


Amelia Gardner-Thorpe - 08 Dec 2016

I'm really pleased that I chose Maggie to teach me how to drive. I had never driven at all before and had no additional driving time with anyone else; I felt very supported by Maggie and by the time I took my test I felt confident that I was ready for it. I passed first time but, more importantly, I feel ready to be driving on my own on the road. Maggie was always calm, patient, friendly and no hassle. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.

Bethany Palmer - 08 Dec 2016

I would highly recommend Maggie as a driving instructor, as she is very patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and understandable. She explains everything clearly and the lesson are always well planned to suit whatever stage of your driving you are at and she is also flexible with times. Maggie has not only taught me to pass my test, but to keep learning and has given me the confidence to start driving on my own and to stay safe on the roads! Thank you Maggie!