Ed Alton - 27 Apr 2018

I changed my driving instructor to Maggie after my last driving instructor could no longer fit me in. Maggie proved to be a great teacher that boosted my confidence in my driving immensely, she taught me not only to drive comfortably but safely and economically too. I progressed continuously with Maggie as she knew when to introduce me to newer, tougher drives at a pace where I learnt more at a pace that didn’t feel rushed or sluggish. She was very flexible in working the lessons in for the best time for me to have them. I would highly recommend Maggie to anyone learning to drive.
Thanks for teaching me.

Marie Degiampietro - 14 Dec 2017

I have not had any driving experience before I started to take lessons from Maggie. Not only that, but I have grown up in a country, where you drive on the right side of the road and roundabouts never have more than one lane. I was very anxious when I started to drive and was convinced, that I would never be able to pass a test and drive my own car. Maggie has kept encouraging me and supported me to build my confidence as my skills grew. Maggie is a reliable and incredible friendly driving instructor. However, she will push you forward as your experience grows and won't let you drive in your "comfy zone". I have learnt to drive safe and economically and I am glad that I have chosen Maggie to teach me how to drive. And as happy as I am that I have passed my test, I will also miss the interesting conversations with her during my lessons!

Jo Burge - 25 Oct 2017

I would like to say a massive Thank You to Maggie for being so patient with me and helping to build my confidence back upas it had taken quite a knock. I am also thankful to her for sticking by me and not giving up on me like my previous instructor had.

Maggie has helped me to develop my skills and become a safe and confident driver, through hard work, determination, blood, sweat and a lot of tears (not because of Maggie) I have come out the other side a legal happy driver and this was mainly down to Maggie's support and encouragement.

I will always be grateful to Maggie for helping me to become the driver I am today.

Thank you
from your very grateful client

Ben Horner - 05 Oct 2017

I chose Maggie, after her being very highly recommended, because of her photo. She struck me as the motherly type, but not a weak mother, a Mumma with fire in her belly, a fire that I got singed by once or twice, but never burned. I knew I liked her within the first 5 minutes. Yes, I’d chosen wisely. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Maggie, personally and professionally.
Maggie, thank you very much, my whole family appreciates you getting us mobile.

Richard Hall - 21 Sep 2017

Maggie is a fully qualified driving instructor who not only teaches you to be safe but teaches you to be economical with your driving as well. I would recommend her to anyone whatever their age who wants to pass their test and be a safe and responsible driver. Her flexibility and experience makes her the perfect instructor for anyone who is juggling home, work and achieving a what is a modern day necessity - to learn to drive.  I cannot thank her enough for all the lessons and everything she has taught me. I'm sure I will put the skills she gave me to good use and broaden my own horizons.  

Callum French - 21 Sep 2017

Before Maggie I was with a previous driving instructor and failed my test 4 times. I felt low in myself but when I started my driving lessons with Maggie she gave me so much confidence and I thrived from it - she changed my driving style and I felt so comfortable when driving. I passed my test on my 5th go, first time under Maggie.

I highly recommend Maggie to anyone who wants to drive in a safe and comfortable way.